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Felix Maxwell standing at the cosmic crossroads, ready to rewrite his destiny in "Supremacy Games."
Supremacy Games

In the cosmic tapestry of existence, Felix Maxwell’s journey began with a predestined label a loser. Born into the embrace of one of the weakest races, his cradle rested in the lap of the least favorable circumstances. Life dealt him a hand filled with adversity, and he embarked on a tumultuous expedition across the vast expanse of the universe, where perils lurked at every twist and turn.

Picture this: a lone traveler navigating through the cosmic wilderness, fueled by the elusive dream of riches. It was amidst this quest that Felix’s fate took an unforeseen turn. A serendipitous stumble led him to the remnants of a forgotten ruin, concealing within its ancient walls a being of supreme power, ensnared in a celestial prison.

In a cosmic twist of misfortune, the Supreme Being cast its gaze upon Felix. A fateful collision of destinies ensued as the being, desperate for liberation, sought to seize control of Felix’s mortal vessel. A struggle unfolded, an otherworldly battle where the stakes transcended the boundaries of the tangible and delved into the metaphysical.

Yet, destiny had not relinquished its grip on Felix.

As the celestial struggle reached its zenith, Felix found himself awakening in a different time, a temporal shift that transcended two decades into the past. However, this was no mere temporal relocation; it was a rebirth, a second chance granted by the cosmic forces that governed the universe. In this rebirth, Felix discovered an unexpected companion a fallen being, once imprisoned, now tethered to his very soul.

In his previous life, Felix had been a mere footnote in the grand narrative of existence. A loser who relinquished pursuits halfway, a supporting character whose purpose was to accentuate the brilliance of the stronger protagonists. Yet, in this new chapter of his cosmic odyssey, Felix was determined to rewrite the script.

No longer content with the shadows, he swore an oath to himself an oath echoing through the cosmic winds that he would transcend the limitations of his past. Armed with the knowledge of his prior existence and the indomitable will to conquer, Felix pledged to strive for glory. The dormant potential within him, once overshadowed, now surged to the forefront as he vowed to harness his newfound understanding and emerge as a supreme being in this cosmic drama.

In this life, Felix was not destined to play a supporting role. He was the protagonist of his own epic saga, a narrative where the weak defy their predetermined fate and ascend to greatness. The cosmic forces that once seemed indifferent now trembled in anticipation as Felix, with unwavering determination, set forth on his quest to carve a path to supremacy.

The universe, once indifferent, now held its breath, captivated by the unfolding drama of Felix Maxwell a once destined loser now poised to rewrite the very fabric of his existence and ascend to the pinnacle of cosmic glory.

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Description of Novels

Title : Supremacy Games
Author : MidGard
Publisher : Webnovel
Ratings : 4.63/5.0
Genre : Action, Adventure


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