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6 Times a Day

“6 Times a Day” is a captivating story that revolves around a male high school student named Alan Plummer, who is an awkward young man. Unbeknownst to him, his mother’s best friend and neighbor, Maria, harbors a deep desire for him and devises a cunning plan to seduce him.

She concocts a phony medical diagnosis that necessitates him to have six orgasms a day, which she refers to as “his six times a day” or “6TaD.” Little does she know that this plan will not yield the desired results and will instead set off a chain of events and circumstances that lead to an increasing number of stunning women finding themselves involved in his “medical treatments.”

The story explores the following aspects:

  1. Maria’s Infatuation: Maria is head over heels for Alan and believes that he is the perfect man for her. However, she is aware that he is oblivious to her feelings for him. Devising the 6TaD plan, she aims to change this and make him see her in a more intimate light.
  2. The 6TaD Plan: Maria convinces Alan’s mother to let her help with his recovery, which leads to a series of intimate encounters between Alan and various women. Each time, Maria ensures that Alan reaches the point of no return, making him more and more dependent on the women who “help” him with his “medical treatments.”
  3. Unintended Consequences: As the story progresses, the number of women involved in Alan’s “medical treatments” increases. These women become more possessive of him and form a bond with one another, leading to a web of relationships and intrigue.
  4. Alan’s Growth: Through his experiences with the women, Alan undergoes a transformation. He becomes more confident and assertive, taking charge of his “medical treatments” and forming deeper connections with the women involved.
  5. The Reveal: As the story reaches its climax, the truth about the 6TaD plan is revealed. The women are furious at being deceived, and Alan is left to deal with the consequences of his newfound fame and the impact on his relationships.

“6 Times a Day” is a compelling tale of love, desire, and the unintended consequences of deception. It explores the complexities of human relationships and the power of attraction, while serving as a cautionary tale about the dangers of manipulation and the consequences of breaking moral boundaries.

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6 Times a Day an exciting novel available to read on the iReader app. To access it, download the iReader app from the Google Play Store and search for “6 Times a Day” in the app search menu or use HERE.

After opening the link, you will be redirected to a safelink site. Scroll down, wait a moment, and click on the “Read” link. This will take you to the novel’s official website.

Description of Novels

Title : 6 Times a Day
Author : Snake Empress
Publisher : Nyoi-Bo Studio
Ratings : 4.35/5.0
Genre : Action, Romantic


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