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Su Yang's Cultivation Odyssey - Exploring Dual Cultivation and Beyond.
Dual Cultivation

Su Yang, a formidable Dual Cultivator, found himself imprisoned for daring to incur the wrath of the Heavenly Emperor. His transgressions were nothing short of audacious a litany of forbidden actions that shook the celestial realms. Among his crimes, Su Yang indulged in adultery with the Moon God’s wife, orchestrated the kidnapping of the Dragon King’s younger sister, seduced the Divine Goddess, and even partook in the forbidden allure of the Heavenly Emperor’s beloved daughter.

Amidst the confines of his celestial incarceration, Su Yang’s fate takes an unexpected turn. A mysterious old man emerges, extending an offer of liberation, but the cost is steep Su Yang must undergo reincarnation.

Opting for this enigmatic path, Su Yang embarks on a new life with a solemn pledge to reunite with his past partners and cradle them in his embrace once more. Yet, his journey unfolds not just as a quest for reunion but as an exploration of new connections and experiences.

In this reincarnated chapter of his existence, Su Yang navigates the complexities of relationships, intertwining destinies, and the esoteric world of Dual Cultivation. As he strives to fulfill his oaths, Su Yang’s narrative unfolds, promising a tapestry woven with intrigue, passion, and the pursuit of profound enlightenment.

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Description of Novels

Title : Dual Cultivation
Author : My Little Brother
Publisher : Nyoi-Bo Studio
Ratings : 4.83/5.0
Genre : Action, Romantic


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